Woodson County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 20, 2001
Authors: Bob and Dotty Martin

Supplement to Ken Oeser's trip report of April 29, 2001.

Ken found no one at home at the Kimball Ranch. We were fortunate to find people at home. We approached from US75 north of Yates Center by driving west on 180th road, the road that runs south of the county highpoint. Eight miles west of US75, we reached the intersection that Ken reached by driving eight miles south from Gridley.

We then drove 2 miles south and stopped at a house on the left. A young Kimball directed us to a house on the left, the east side of the road, a half mile farther south. Here we found Ed Kimball on some farm machinery behind the house. He said we were welcome to go to the county highpoint. He said he couldn't remember whether or not the gate was locked. He offered to lend us the key in case it was locked. After visiting awhile, his wife drove up. He asked her if she remembered whether or not the gate was locked. She didn't. We said we'd rather not take the key and would rather walk.

We drove to the point Ken described and went north. At 0.15 mile, there was a wire gate, not locked. We walked up an overgrown grassy track to the top. I can think of no more than one or two cohpers who would rather drive than walk this one.