Adair County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 14, 2006
Author: Bill Schuler

DeLorme Atlas page 66 H4

I climbed these points and numbered them from southwest to northeast.
From US 68 and KY 163 in Edmonton, Zero odometer.

0.0 US 68 at KY 163 - Go south on KY 163 (1 block).
0.1 KY 496 - Go left (east) on KY 496 (1 block, then right).
1.0 KY 533 (Breeding Road) - Turn left (east).

10.9 Adair county line - Go straight.

11.6 Driveway on the left by mailbox #1113. Pull in and park.
Hike the driveway to top and beyond for area #1.
Return to your vehicle and continue driving on KY 533 to Mile Marker 1.

11.9 Park and climb three points:

Area #2 is 0.15 mile east.
Area #3 is about 0.2 mile northwest.
Area #4 is about 0.2 mile north-northwest.

Continue driving on KY 533.

12.6 KY 61 - Turn left (north) on KY 61.
13.8 Fire Dept Lane - Turn left (west) and park.

Check area around decrepit homes in the woods
and also the rise across the street for possibly area #5.
Continue driving west on Fire Dept Lane.

14.0 Adair County Water District building and silo.
This is probably the high point of area #5. Walk around.
I didn't find the BM either here or at the falling apart houses.
Continue driving on Fire Dept Lane.

14.2 Park - Get permission to explore the field to the right (north).
Area #6 is about 0.13 mile away. Drive back to KY 61.

14.6 KY 61 - Turn left (north).
17.2 Felton Ridge Road - Turn right.

17.3 Park - Area #7 seems to be on the left along the road
but there are other spots to check out.
Be thorough in this large area as it leveled high whenever I could get
a glimpse of it from other points. Return to Highway 61.

17.4 KY 61 - Go straight across and up the driveway.
17.5 Park. Area #8 seems to be the hill to the left. Go back to Highway 61.
17.6 KY 61 - Turn left (north).

17.9 H. Gowen Road - Park and explore the large area #9.
This involves 0.5 mile each way on the ridge. Continue North on KY 61.

18.3 Sparksville Baptist Church - Pull in back of the church at the cemetery.
Hike out to the north-northwest ridge a ways for area #10.
Continue North on KY 61.

18.5 Bird Road on the right - Continue straight.

18.6 KY 768, Weed-Sparksville Road - Turn left (west). Park at the school.
Area #11 is a small hill in the field to the Northwest. Return to Highway 61.

18.7 KY 61 - Turn right.
18.8 Bird Road - Turn left (east).

19.3 Park - Area #12 is in the field to the right (south).
Cross the road and hike about 0.22 mile to the last area, #13.
Roam around until you're satisfied and claim the county.