Allen County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 10, 2001
Author: Ken Oeser

Allen county has 3 highpoints near Highway 1421.

The southernmost is on the west side of the road just above the KY state line. It is in a large field visible from the road, and is not posted. We parked at a gravel pull-in with large post holes dug on each side, then walked to the far end of the field to the highest ground. A gate will likely fill this pull-in.

The largest northern area has a radio and water tower on it; a gravel drive leads to both, about 100 yards from the road. This area is not gated or posted.

The last area is just north of the towers where the road curves left, and has two houses on it. Pull into the driveway and knock on the doors if you like, but these houses are no higher than the road at this point, and the other two areas have some gain within their areas, so I didn't bother. The area with the towers seems to have the most gain.