Anderson County High Point Trip Report

seven areas (940+ ft)

Date: May 26, 2003
Author: Ken Oeser

three areas north of Birdie

From Birdie at the junction of KY395 and KY512, go north on KY512 for 0.5 mile and turn right at the Corinth Church Road. Drive behind the church and park at the basketball goal, then hike east up the open grassy knoll behind the goal about 100 yards to the first area.

Return to KY512 and continue north for 0.4 mile to a blue house on the right. This house is at the second area, and the highest spot is in the backyard near the end of the drive. For the third area, get permission to go through or around their livestock pasture and barn and walk 150 yards to the third area on a small grassy hill. Hand-leveling indicates the house spot is higher than this hill.

four areas southeast of Hickory Grove

From the junction of Fox Creek Road and KY749 go east on KY749 0.1 mile and park. We asked permission at the next house on the right to check the two areas here. The first is on the left side of the road, just at or over a fence, and the second is near a barn down a gated farm road, 150 yards from the gate. Hand-leveling here indicates the roadside spot is slightly higher. We met the son our first time by and he said we would have to come back and talk to his dad even before walking behind the house, and he said his dad was peculiar about people on his land. When we returned the mother was home and gave us permission to look around.

Drive east on KY749 0.3 mile and turn right onto Bondville Road and park 0.1 mile farther at a gravel path up to a water tower. The third area is about 70 feet into the grassy field from the water tower fence. A neighbor says the landowner wouldn't care about quick hikes.

For the last area, continue southeast on Bondville Road 0.4 mile and park at a gate signed "Gate must remain locked". We didn't intend on unlocking the gate, so climbed the gate and hiked up the dirt road about 200 yards, then cut left uphill about 150 feet to the grassy summit of area 4. The owner doesn't live nearby according to a neighbor, and the road goes to a radio tower much farther down the ridge.