Boone County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 18, 2001
Author: Levi Foust

10 areas at and up to 3/4 mile N of Kingdom Hall Church

Only 3 of these areas have potential for the highest point. They so happen to be the areas with the largest contours. The areas within the other 7 contours are hardly, if at all, distinguishable from the surrounding ground. The Northernmost of the 3 potential highpoints is located between a lumberyard and a bordering field. The Central is located at the basketball court of the trailer-park as best I can tell, but I tramped around another high area to the North. The Southernmost is located in a field. Just South of the trailer park.

6 areas about 1/2 mile SSE of Kensington

By observation, one can deduce that the Southeastern most contour contains the highest point. More specifically, it is located within 100 feet of the old farmhouse.

4 areas 1 mile NNE of Walton with BM 694 nearby (960+ ft)

The largest area contains the highest point. The road that runs through the contour is built up, but the highest natural point is in a residential yard. The owner was very friendly and talkative.