Boyle County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 28, 2001
Author: Bob Wirth

Parksville Knob (1,364 ft)

From Parksville, KY on Highway 34, go south on Highway 1822 about 0.5 mile uphill and take the first left. Go about 0.2 mile and the road turns right. Just after this a water tower and satellite dishes can be seen behind a house on the right. The lady in the house, Mrs. Presley (like Elvis), said it is OK for people to drive up the access road to the towers anytime. This road is just south of her driveway.

second point (1,360+ ft)

From the first point, we drove just south to the first trailer on the left and were told the owner didn't live there, but that she wouldn't mind if we hiked up. We hiked up through a short field to the top of a small hill near a barn, then over to another bump that seemed equal about 150 feet away. I couldn't tell which area is higher. My clinometer gave me a big '0', so I would recommend visiting both areas. The man at the trailer remembers someone coming by last year and hiking up there, and that the man thought this hill was higher than Parksville Knob with towers. This was probably Levi Faust.