Bullitt County High Point Trip Report

Dawson's Knob and two nearby areas (980+ ft)

Date: October 6, 2001
Author: Levi Foust

These three areas are all on military training grounds with blatant warning signs. I got there just at the right time, as a guy in camouflage clothing was checking vehicles for proper authorization. He said that special permission has to be granted to go on the grounds (most of the people that day were probably hunting). The number to call is 502-624-2125, and something about asking for the firing desk.

Directions to the highpoint (as far as I got): From exit 117 of Highway 65 go 0.6 mile West on 44. Turn left onto 61 South. Go South 4.7 miles and turn right on 1494. Another 3.3 miles will bring you to a 90 degree turn of 1494, forming a sort of 4 way intersection with 2 other roads. (I can't recall if there was a stop sign). Go straight at the intersection on Beech Grove Road. Another 0.6 miles will bring you to the gated training grounds. The highpoints should be about a half mile hike beyond.