Calloway County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 12, 1999
Author: Andy Martin

Started out the day with a little detour in KY. Picking up a couple counties on the way back to the main Lane on TN would let me attach KY to my main county glob, an important consideration to a county fanatic.

On Calloway Co. I started with the westernmost area. I paced off the required distance down the fence line, which got me just inside the area. I did not pace east into the wheat field.

Next I paced off about 600' right along the state line, heading for an area that barely grazes Calloway county. I was pretty much at the turn around spot when I heard a gunshot, which froze me in my tracks. A second shot was fired and I did a 180 and headed back to the car. There was one more area to visit, but first I thought it advisable to visit the residence near where my car was parked.

The farmer there had a rifle in hand, and told me he was "jes shootin at porch swallows", whatever they are. In any case, he had no problem with me visiting the last area, which I did, and then make tracks for Henry Co.