Campbell County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 19, 2002
Author: Levi Foust

one area 1,900 feet west-southwest of Lakeside Place Nursing Home

This area no longer exists. There is a development in its place called "Highland Meadows." (What a suitable name!) From exit 185 of I-75 take 275-East. Get off of 275-East at exit 76 and turn right at the end of the ramp (heading for Northern Kentucky University). Go 1.3 miles to the road's end at Johns Hill Road (just on the fringe of NKU's campus). Turn left and go 0.3 mile. Turn right into "Highland Meadows." The highest ground is to the right and back. There are row-houses where the highpoint should be. I asked a man to find out that the place was built in 1991.

four areas within 1/2 mile of Wesley Chapel

From "Highland Meadows", continue on Johns Hill Road to Route 27. Go right on Route 27 South to Route 9. Go South on Route 9 until it meets Route 735. Turn right and go about 100 feet to Route 10. Turn left on Route 10 South. It's about 3.4 miles to Wesley Chapel. There are 2 HPs within the large area (one in the graveyard and one by the farmhouse), both about equal in elevation. No-one was home at the farmhouse. The other contender is the northwest area, just off the road in a field.