Carroll County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 18, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

two areas near BM Stout next to Goose Creek Road

Leave Interstate 71 at Exit 44 and go south on US 227 for 2.5 miles. Turn left on Route 1204 (Goose Creek Road) and drive up into the hills for 3.0 miles. At this point, the road bends left as it rises and cuts between two fields, then bends right and begins to descend. Unfortunately, there isn't a good place to park right here, so you'll need to either backtrack down the road, or continue on a bit to find a pull-off which can accommodate your vehicle. The first area is in the open field to the southeast, and requires you to negotiate a small bank and fence. The second area is north and west of BM Stout in another field that is hidden from the road. There was a stretch of fence that had been knocked down on the left which made it easy to get to the path which passes BM Stout on the way to the northern field. The northern field is higher than BM Stout and BM 2, which are both located in the woods.

four small areas east of Mt Herman Church

From Carrollton, drive east on US 36 to the intersection with US 42. Turn left (west) and go 0.7 mile on US 42 to Route 1226. Turn right (north) on 1226 and drive 3.3 miles to an intersection with Windy Ridge Road. Park here and survey the surrounding area. The barn to the west and a house just west of the barn (mailbox #3504), an area south of the road, and the Sweeney house (mailbox #3348) just east of the Windy Ridge sign represent the four high spots in this area. I didn't find anyone home at any of the houses, but the lawn near the trees behind the Sweeney house appeared to be quite high. What hand level sightings I was able to make seemed to confirm this feeling, however the western house (mailbox #3504) is close. This highpoint cluster is 2.8 miles east of Trout Ridge Road and about 3 miles from the Trimble County high point, so you can easily visit there as well by just continuing west on Route 1226.