Carter County Highpoint Trip Report

eight areas (1,300+ ft)

- five areas 1/2 to 1 1/2 miles south of Masters Cemetery;
- three areas including SE 1,307 ft, 1 mile north-northwest of Masters Cemetery (near Fitch)

- on Soldier Quadrangle; DeLorme Atlas page 40, A-3 and B-3

Date: September 8, 2006
Author: Bill Schuler

I did these points from north to south and this report reflects that as numbers 1 to 8. The road directions are a loop to and from the Interstate and as a result can be done in reverse as well as the peak climbs.

Note 1: Road names have sometimes been changed from those in DeLorme in this area.

Note 2: It is possible to stay in the Daniel Boone National Forest for all but the first area on these hikes.

From I-64 exit 156 and state highway 2, zero odometer.

0.0   I-64 and Highway 2 - go north on Highway 2.
0.2   Highway 59 - turn Left (northwest).
3.6   Highway 1662 - turn left (southwest).
7.6   Highway 1024 - turn right (west).

10.1   Road Y's - keep right, uphill.
10.2   Park - area #1 is behind a dilapidated barn. With permission, I roamed around a lot.
10.2   Return to the main road.
10.3   Turn sharp right.
10.4   Walnut Grove Road junction in Fitch - turn left (south) on Old Holly School Road (unsigned).

10.6   Rowan County line - park - The hill on the left (southeast) goes to area #2 in 0.2 mile and to area #3 0.1 mile further. The road gets closer to the points but there is nowhere to park for quite a distance. Return to the vehicle and continue south.

10.8   Dirt road on right to a Radio Tower - keep straight ahead (south).
12.1   Masters Cemetery Road - turn left (east).
12.8   Road turns to gravel - continue straight ahead.

13.2   Parking area - park - I did the remaining 5 points from here. I followed the dirt road down to a saddle and then cross country up to area #4. Area #5 is a short distance east. From the slight dip between them, head down to the South following the Rowan/Carter county ridgeline for about 0.6+ mile. I crossed over 2 bumps to areas #6/7 (all one area), then went west and south to area #8 overlooking the Interstate. I used my GPS to find these points and to return to my vehicle.

13.2   Return to Old Holly School Road.
14.3   Old Holly School Road - turn left (south).
15.8   Fleming Road Junction - turn right (southwest).
17.9   Holly Fork Road - turn right (west).
18.2   Highway 799/377 - turn left (south).
26.2   Highway 32 - turn left (south).
27.3   I-64 exit 137 at Highway 32 - end of loop.