Clark County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 11, 2002
Author: Ken Oeser

We finished this county by hitting the last 2 (westernmost) contours. From Winchester, at the junction of US60 and KY15, drive east on KY15 for 3.6 miles and pull into a farmhouse/driveway on the left. The mailbox, #3914, is across the road. We knocked a few times at the house and trailer, then waited and knocked again. After about 5 minutes an older woman came to the door. She is very nice (we didn't think to get her name), and gave us permission to drive through her gates to the highpoints. Her son then came out of the trailer and talked for a couple of minutes.

We then pulled into the next driveway west and went through the gate, then another gate at a barn, and parked at a pond near the first area due to recent rains and mud on the farm road and fields. It is a short walk to both areas here. BM Franklin hand-leveled higher from both directions, and the southern area here seems to be higher than the 3 eastern areas from hand-leveling from them last time, and back this time.