Cumberland County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 19, 2002
Author: Ken Oeser

From the state line on Highway 53 (TN)/61 (KY), go west on a paved road 200 feet north of the state line and drive about a mile to the first house on the left (Adams). The access owners are in the first farmhouse on the left, but there is a trailer home on the hill just before this house, which is in a curve just past a road junction. Ask permission to park and hike up the ridge to the highpoint. They don't own the highpoint, but own the parking areas and don't think the absentee owner would mind hikers on the ridge.

We parked on top of the ridge and hiked south up the ridge until we gained about 30 feet to a fence that seems to mark the state line. (Mr. Adams didn't think there would be a fence here.) We followed the ridge up another 50 feet elevation gain to the area where the mountain widens at a deer hunter stand, well within TN according to the topo. The fence runs east/west, so I'm pretty sure it is the state line, and the elevation gain and distance from the road are right on also. We crossed one downed fence at the edge of the field where we parked, and another fence to get to the grassy ridge to the state liner.