Fayette County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 16, 2007
Author: Estus Hibbard

The descriptions of the HP's and directions are pretty accurate but here are a couple of clarifications: (1) the HP off Athens- Walnut Hill Road is on the property of Wood's Edge Farm Annex; (2) the HP along Palumbo Drive is around the Lousville Tile Company; (3) the HPs off Winchester Road several miles east of Lexington appear to be beside the house at 3812 Real Quiet Lane in the mentioned subdivision; and (4) the HP on Brock-McVey Drive at the radio tower in my opinion is the likely HP of Fayette County. The others were rather flat and this was the only one with anything really approaching a view. It also appeared to be the only one having any kind of prominence over its nearby neighboring land. As a bonus, it's also right near a Sam's Club store along New Circle Road, so you can also get your shopping done too!

About the only good thing you can say about the HPs for Fayette County is that with the exceptions of #1 and #3 above are more or less clustered in the area around New Circle Road and Winchester Road (U.S. 60). Because of the lack of elevation/prominence involved here and lack of views because of the mostly urban environment, you can skip this county unless you want to complete Kentucky.