Greenup County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 11, 2002
Author: Ken Oeser

From the junction of KY3311 and KY784, 6 miles south of Quincy, turn west onto unsigned paved road. The first point is behind a house after 1.1 miles, next to a barn about 50 feet behind the house. The wife was home and gave us permission to walk to the barn.

Drive west on the paved road (which soon turns to gravel) for another 3.3 miles to a split. The highpoint is on the right, so turn right, then right into the first driveway. A house sits on the highpoint, and the highest area seems to be in the small front yard. Nobody was home here, but it looks like a friendly place. This spot showed 10 - 20 feet higher on my watch clinometer, and the first area near the barn was barely higher than another spot 100 feet or so northwest of it, so this second area is likely the highest in the county.