Hart County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (1,160+ ft)

Date: April 17, 2005
Author: Bob Schwab

This is an update to Ken Jonesí trip report on the seventh anniversary of his initial visit. There is now a much easier route to the top of Frenchman Knob because the FAA has built a radio tower there.

Leave I-65 at the Bonnieville exit (# 71) and go east a very short distance to an unsigned paved road heading south. From this intersection, go south for 2.4 miles as it parallels the interstate before bending southeast. At the 2.4 mile mark, note a white gravel drive (Knob Road) angling up the hill to your left. Follow this road north for 0.3 mile to a field and a gate (standard FAA posting).

Park near the field and hike up the road to the western base of the knob. Watch for a BM in a boulder on the right side of the road (P1-1928, elevation 919 feet). Since I needed some exercise, I took the direct route from here and bushwhacked up the knob to the top, where a fenced tower now sits just below the highest ground. I found an uprooted reference mark (RM # 2) just north of the tower very close to the highest ground. I did not find the true BM. I walked 0.7 mile down the road as it circled the knob back to the gate.