Henderson County High Point Trip Report

Wolf Hills - spot elevation 588 ft

Date: June 21, 2003
Author: Ken Oeser

On our October trip we were denied access from the southwest, and landowners weren't home on the southeast, but this time we had better luck. On the north side of Henderson at the junction of US41/US60, zero your odometer and go east on US60 for 2.8 miles and turn left onto Tillman Bethel Road just before a bridge over the railroad tracks. Follow this to mile 4.3 to a large house on the left and pull in for permission. The landowner wasn't home, but a neighbor was there and he called the woman on her cell phone and gained permission for us to hike. He said the owners are very watchful of their land because they don't want anyone hunting there, but they shouldn't have problems with hiking. Anyone doing this one should definitely check with the landowner first.

We drove about 0.5 mile farther north of the road to its crest and parked on the left. On the right was a white car with the door open, so I thought somebody else was there, but upon further inspection we noticed the windows were all bashed out, the hood popped, etc. For some reason Jon was a little apprehensive about parking his vehicle here, and we wondered if the owner of this car had parked and hiked without getting permission.

From the cable gate we hiked northwest across a field, through a short woods road, then into another large complex of plowed fields. A cemetery marked on the topo is on a knoll on the right side of this field. After going downhill west from the cemetery, we turned right and followed fields along a ridge to another field that opened to the left, but the route from here is to skirt the field on the right 100 yards and turn right onto a woods road. This goes uphill and through a small field after 100 yards, continuing uphill. Once near the top of the hill, we left the road and bushwhacked about 100 feet uphill to the ridge and over to the highpoint. My altimeter confirmed we were at the right place since nothing else in the area is nearly as high. Total distance is 2 miles round trip. The top is in woods, so there is no view to Henderson or the Ohio River and Indiana beyond. This point should be avoided in hunting seasons.

The second area in the county 1 mile southwest of Gilleyville Church has a BM. The topo shows elevation 582, and the USGS benchmark site shows that the BM is at 581 feet, and that it is at the highest spot in the area, so this is either 6-7 feet lower than the spot in Wolf Hills. It would be easy to visit by parking on the shoulder of the Audobon Parkway halfway between Henderson and Owensboro.