Jackson County Highpoint Trip Report

one spot on Cruse Ridge (1,633 ft)

Date: November 8, 2004
Author: Estus Hibbard

Unless you are just hard core about completing all the HP's of Kentucky (like I am), then you should skip this one. Absolutely nothing distinguishes this spot from anyplace else on the eastern side of KY 1912 and, looking at it from that highway, you really wouldn't know it was the HP without a GPS or if you have superior skills at reading a topo map.

Driving Directions: From U.S. 421 in the Morrill community (Jackson/Rockcastle counties), take KY 1912 south to just past the tall, white cylindrical water tower on your right, and past the turnoff to go to the HP of Rockcastle County. On your left will be an intersection for Cave Spring Road and there is currently a sign up advertising subdivision lots for sale at that spot. Turn left and go down the gravel road. About 300 feet down that way and to your left, you will notice the pond that Levi Foust mentions in his previous trip report, and, in retrospect, that route seems to be easier. BUT NO-OOO!, I just had to complicate things here.

If you go by my route, keep on that gravel road and follow it all the way to its end at a yellow trailer, with #365 hanging on a sign next to its door for the address. No one was home and I parked there. Getting out of the car, two dogs on the property came up to me and started barking but never tried to bite me. You will notice a trail going uphill from the trailer and you go up that way. Keep going in a generally northwestern direction until the trail ends right at the HP. No views to speak of from there and, if I didn't have my GPS with me, I wouldn't have known I had hit the spot in the first place. I didn't see a BM or anything on the spot. It may be easier to go by the pond just below the summit, possibly saving a bit of a hike, which really isn't much.

By the way: If, on Topozone, you notice a driveway with a couple of old barns on it going from KY 1912 to a house just below the summit, I suggest you don't try to go there. Stick to the proposed subdivision route instead. There was an older gentleman at home there and he didn't seem to want me trekking around on his property to get to the HP. He did, however, give me a history lesson about the property surrounding his house. He stated that the very first shots of the Battle of Richmond (October 1862) were fired more or less right in front of the white water tower mentioned earlier and even pointed out the spots where a Confederate detachment was encamped (just south of the house) and were a few Federal soldiers were encamped (behind the house) at one time. The sunken lane directly behind his house was the original Wilderness Road. He was rather friendly but didn't seem to want me crossing the property.