Larue County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 26, 2001
Author: Ken Oeser

From Hodgenville, KY follow Highway 210 southeast for about 13 miles to the junction with Highway 462. Turn left onto Highway 462 and drive north. Highway 1511 goes east after about a mile, then N. Otter Creek Road goes left after about 0.25 mile. Look for the radio tower on Highway 462 about 0.25 mile north of the Otter Creek Rd. We talked to someone at the house next door and the man said he didn't think the owner would mind a bit if we hiked to the highpoint, and that there was a logging road to the top that he has ridden his ATV up. We parked at the radio tower, hiked into the woods to the north and found an old woods road, then shortly found a better road just to the left and followed it about 0.5 mile to the summit. The road dips and rises a few times before finally ascending the highpoint with an 80 foot gain to the top. There is no view because of the trees. The top has been partially cleared in the past, but the highest point seems to be just into the woods on the right.