Marion County Highpoint Trip Report

Putnam Knob (1,260+ ft)

Date: June 14, 2006
Author: Bill Schuler

Lebanon East Quadrangle and Delorme Atlas page 50 G3

From KY 55 and US 68 in Lebanon, zero odometer.

0.0 KY 55 and US 68 - Go east on US 68.
6.2 Penick-Tatum Loop Road - Turn right (south).
6.7 Tatum Lane - Turn right (south).

8.7 Sharp turn in Tatum Lane to the left; driveway to the right;
driveway straight ahead; narrow dirt track straight ahead
that immediately turns sharply to the right. Take this dirt track.

8.8 An old sign saying "Absolutely no trespassing - don't ask".
I couldn't turn around so continued.

9.1 Clearing on the right. Parked here.

The road gets steep ahead so I walked the 0.4 mile to the top. On the way, I met Mr. Tatum and his grandson on horseback, descending. I asked him for permission to continue after explaining why I was there. He told me the road goes right to the top and he knew the owner wouldn't mind my going up. A very pleasant and informative man. The owner lives at the end of the long driveway going right from the sharp turn in Tatum Lane. Great views from the top.