McCracken County High Point Trip Report

18 areas (500+ feet)

Date: December 15, 2001
Author: Jon Mann

We didn't record mileage, so use your topo and watch for road names!

From Paducah, follow Highway US45 south about 5 miles to Contest Road on the right, just past a dirt cut and subdivision above the highway on the right. For the highest areas (by sighting) turn right onto Contest, it will shortly turn right (north). Go to the second right and turn onto Lindview and drive to its end and pull into #6965, which is likely the highest in the county. From here you can sight the barn and house and small spot just across the highway to the east and see that they are lower. To the south, see the next spot with house (also lower) on the south side of the first road on the right on Contest. The area just west is in a field and definitely flat and lower.

The next area west is just behind some grain silos and a barn, and is reached by driving to the west turn on Contest to the first house on the left (with radio tower behind it). We received permission to walk out behind the silos to the high ground. For the last area west, drive west on Contest to the first road (Ivu Worth Road). Follow this south about 0.5 mile to the road crest, then pull into the driveway on the right and gain permission to walk to the small green barn on the highpoint contour. This is flat and probably needs not be visited.

Another contour is just north of Contest Drive just west of the highway, but it is definitely lower than the others. The last area west of Highway 45 is reached by turning south at the very first northward turn of Contest Road from Highway 45 onto a dirt drive, then to a house and trailer. The contour here seems to be right behind the trailer, and sighting shows the Lindview Road area to be higher.

Return to Contest Road and back to Highway 45, then go across and straight to the next intersection at a Catholic Church and turn left onto Mayfield Road. Go north about 0.2 mile and turn left into a long drive. A house is on one area, and a barn at the end of the drive is on another, while a small third is on the right side of the drive in a field. Sighting from these areas shows Lindview Drive to be higher. This can also be checked by parking at the dirt cut on Highway 45, climbing the cut, and sighting on these and other contours in the area.

Turn left back onto Mayfield Road and drive north about 0.5 mile and turn right into the gravel drive for #6260. Drive up to the crest of the driveway, step your foot out, then back up and head for higher ground. Go north on Mayfield to the next driveway on the left to a brick house with red barns behind it. The house is pretty much at one contour, and we were given permission to walk to the larger area here, which is just north of the largest red barn.

Go north again on Mayfield Road, cross Lebanon Church Road and look for the contour on the left behind an auto body shop. Pull into the body shop and hike the 150 feet to the highest ground in a field near a fence line behind the shop.

Go back south on Mayfield Road and pass the Catholic Church for another 0.3 mile and pull into Woodlawn Memorial Gardens. Take the loop drive and park on the west end of the loop. Hike into the middle of the loop to the high ground near a large marble chair.

From here hike northwest and cross Englert Road to the higher ground in the contour on the north side of the road, just beside the road.

Return to your car, exit the cemetery, and turn west onto Englert Road to Highway 45. Turn north and drive about 0.2 mile and park on the right side. The tiny contour here seems to be next to the fence with some trees on it, but it hardly rises at all, so I doubt is has a chance at the county record.

From the tiny area, drive north 1.1 miles to Lebanon Church Road and turn left (which is Lovelaceville Road on signs and Oak Grove School Road in DeLorme), then follow this west for about 2 miles to KY339, cross it, then the road turns left and hits KY786. Turn right onto KY786, then right again right after this to stay on it, and drive north about 0.25 mile and pull as far off to the right as possible. Hike up into the field (no fence to cross) on the right (east), gaining about 20 feet in the process of gaining the highest point. This is as much effort as all the other areas combined! Although the field has a nice rise to it, the top is pretty flat, so I doubt it is as high as some of the other areas. Did I forget an area? I think I covered them all in this report, but don't want to count them all again.

In summary, visit the Lindview Drive area first, use a hand level and then have fun with the others if you wish. Sight the red barn to the northeast (which we forgot to do!) or visit it, then drive south to the cemetery, mainly to access the other area on the opposite roadside.