Mercer County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 16, 2001
Author: Levi Foust

one area w/ BM Harrods 1 3/4 miles west of Burgin (1,000+ ft)

From the main drag (Route 150) through Danville, go north on Third Street (Route 33) for almost 8 miles to Burgin. Make a left (heading west) onto Route 152. Turn south at 2.2 miles onto a one lane gravel road. Directly after turning onto the gravel road there is a black barn on the right. Follow the straight and narrow gravel road for 0.4 mile to where the power lines cross the road. The HP is a few hundred feet almost due east. There is a definite knob where the HP is located right next to 2 ponds (shown on topo map). A fence must be crossed. I couldn't locate the BM as it might have been overtaken by field grass or removed from the field. There were no animals in the field at the time, but I noticed some old cow patties.

one area 1/2 mile south of Shawnee Run Church (1,000+ ft)

To get to the second HP, back-track to Burgin. Turn left (heading north) onto 33 north. At 2 miles the HP is located next to a bright blue water tower (really can't miss this one). The water tower and HP are only 50 feet from the road. I stopped at a yard sale and the people there indicated that the owner of this land is the first house on the left after passing the water tower. I went to the house, but couldn't locate anyone. Returning to where Route 33 passed closest to the water tower, I parked the car. There is a fence to cross. There were cattle in this field, but were about 300 yards off.