Nelson County High Point Trip Report

Rohan Knob (1,090+ ft)

Date: July 21, 2001
Author: Ken Oeser

From Holy Cross, go north on Highway 49 toward Bardstown for just over 0.5 mile. Rohan Knob will be visible on your right. There are 4 mailboxes (names Newton) in front of a white house, and a brick house behind it. We pulled into the brick house driveway and talked to the owner, who told us it was OK to hike up to the top. This answered my first question of whether it could be hiked. (From the topo it almost looks like it would be surrounded with cliffs.)

We walked around his house and through his back yard, then picked up a trail which goes to the top with about 300 feet of gain in a short distance. Views to the southwest are nice near the top. There are 3 crosses at the top and a tower. The tower seems to be on an artificial mound, so we crossed it and walked along the top to a second high area, which also has an artificial-looking mound and an old building foundation next to it. The natural high point is crossed somewhere near these two areas. We were curious about the mounds possibly having Indian origins, and about the foundation, but the blinds and front door were closed when we returned, so we didn't knock to ask.