Todd County High Point Trip Report

Pilot Rock

Date: December 4, 2000
Author: Ken Oeser

This High Point is a sandstone rock that juts prominently from the surrounding countryside. Two counties hp's are on the relatively flat top of the rock, making this a twofer.

From Hopkinsville, take KY route 507 east for approximately 12 miles. Pilot Rock is easily apparent on the north side of the highway. At the time of our visit, there was no county-line sign. Park on the Christian (west) side of the rock at a turnout. The rock is apparently very popular as a party site, as evidenced by the trash and spray paint on the rock. Walk along the highway 100 yards until you see a block/stone staircase heading up the rock. Follow staircase to end, then go up wide crack in the rock to 5' iron ladder. Climb ladder, then step up ledges to ruins of old fire tower. The highest point in Todd County is to the north of the tower, in a jumble of rocks. BM 966 is to the west of the tower about 40', and is at least 10' lower than the rock the tower sits on.

Walk west of the benchmark about 20' feet, this is approximately the Christian County high point. It is hard to tell the exact point, since the county line is not marked, but the topo clearly shows the county line just west of the benchmark, and that the Christian County area includes some of the flat rock surface.

From the top of the rock, you have 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside, including the Jefferson Davis Memorial 6 miles to the south in Fairview. The 351' Washington Monument-like obelisk (as compared to 555' for the Washington Monument) marks the spot of Jefferson Davis' birth.

We met a young couple at the top, who had come up for dinner and the sunset, who confirmed the spot's popularity. The man knew that the rock was still government owned, so there is no access problems. They where both very interested when we explained what we where doing up there.

Pilot Rock has to be one of the easiest twofers around.