Washington County Highpoint Trip Report

seven areas (1,020+ ft)

Date: June 15, 2006
Author: Bill Schuler

Mackville Quadrangle and DeLorme Atlas page 50 E3

From the junction of US 150 and Old Perryville Road East of Pottsville, zero odometer.

0.0 US 150 at Old Perryville Road - Go South on Old Perryville Road
0.1 Wellsley Chapel - Go straight
0.8 Road to right - Go straight
0.9 Farm road on the left - Park

The high point area #1 is North-Northeast 0.2 mile - Continue driving.

1.1 Park along the road.

High point area #2 is a short distance to the right of the fence line.
Hop the fence and dash out to it. Continue driving.

1.4 Minor Ridge Road - Turn right.
1.5 At left turn in the road, turn right into the farmyard.

With permission, roam around the yards for high point area #3. Go back to US 150.

3.0 US 150 - turn left.
3.3 KY 442 - Deep Creek Road - Turn right.
4.3 Webb Road - Turn right.

I drove to the first house and parked. There was no one home so I continued up the driveway/Webb Road to the next house and got permission to check out the area. High point area #4 is beyond this second house, about 0.2 mile north and left of the road. High point area #5 is 0.1 mile northwest of #4 along a short ridge. Continuing up the road about 0.2 mile, there's another hill, high point area #6, to the right of the road. I returned to the second house, then headed southeast over two bumps to high point area #7 in about 0.3 mile.

All walking was easy, either along Webb Road or across grassy fields.