Whitley County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas on Pine Mtn (2,220+ ft)

Date: July 2, 2006
Authors: The Oesers

We had looked at the topo several times and was tempted to try the more gradual ascent from the southwest near Henderson Grove Church. From the junction of KY190 and KY3485, drive west on KY190 for 0.2 mile and turn right onto a small road. This is the second road on the right past the Henderson Grove Church. Drive 100 yards, turn left into a gravel drive, then right uphill onto a dirt road to the Henderson Cemetery. This road is a little rough, so we parked just uphill from the driveway. A neighbor offered parking in his yard and it would have been easier since you can't drive past the cemetery anyway, which is only 200 feet up this road.

From the cemetery, follow an ATV trail uphill to the north and northeast along the ridge, dropping down to a couple of saddles along the way, until you gain the crest of Pine Mountain after about 0.9 mile and 700 feet of gain. This trail hits the ridge 100 feet west of the westernmost point. We then hiked about 500 feet east along the ATV ridge trail to three bumps with rocks within the eastern contour. The middle of these three bumps seems to be the highest here but couldn't tell any comparison to the western contour. All are very close together, so it is no problem.

The neighbor told us there is a nice open sandy lookout just to the west of the highpoints along the ridge but ever louder thunder and dark clouds necessitated a quick retreat down the trail immediately after we summited.