Acadia Parish Highpoint Trip Report

eleven areas (55+ ft)

Date: April 17, 2004
Authors: Bob and Dotty Martin

This parish takes the cake for large flat areas. There are 2 areas that are fully 4 miles long. Does it take the prize for acreage in its areas? Puzzle: find the hps in these big areas. The other areas are crossed by roads.

For a starting point, go to Pitreville on LA358, on the northern boundary of the parish. This point can be accessed from Church Point via LA 95 and LA1108 or from Eunice via US190, LA95, and LA358.

Get out the topo map and figure on lots of driving and lots of looking. The large areas are crossed by numerous roads. It's hard to see anything not man-made in the rice fields that is higher than the edge of the roads. Likewise for the smaller areas. We thought the oval area southeast of Pitreville might be as high as anything.