Bossier Parish High Point Trip Report

Date: May 8, 2001
Author: Bob Martin

I probably didn't do this one the easiest way. From a mile north of Plain Dealing on LA 3, I drove west on a road that goes south of Lake Dogwood. The road curves north at 1.0 and reaches a left fork at 1.4. At 1.9, I took the left fork at a Y and parked at 2.7 where an overgrown vehicle track leads north.

This vehicle track didn't look too inviting to drive, so I walked north on it almost a mile to one of the two hp areas. This one is split by the road, and a little walking on each side gets to the hp. Just beyond, I reached a much better road, recently driven, that comes in from the east. Near that junction were a number of shacks, but no people were around.

The second hp area, much larger, is a few hundred yards northwest. It can be reached either directly or by following a vehicle track west and north.

These areas probably could be reached by vehicle, either by driving the track I walked or by driving in from the east. I didn't check the access from the east.