Bossier Parish High Point Trip Report

on Plain Dealing quadrangle

Date: November 11, 2001
Author: Hans Haustein

I made the approach from the east as mentioned as a possibility by Bob Martin.

Drive two miles west of Plain Dealing on Hwy. 2 to Delaney Road on the north side. Follow Delaney Road for 0.9 mile to a Timber Yard/Plant where the pavement ends, continue on this road for 0.6 mile to a fork in the road stay to the right (east). After 0.1 mile from the fork, a nice cleared area provides view down to the Red River flood plain. Continue on this road for 0.8 mile to an intersection. At this intersection turn north (left) and drive 0.7 mile to a gravel road to the west that services a tower. Turn on to this tower road and continue east, 0.1 mile from the main gravel road the lessor road reaches a gate that is posted. The gate was open so I proceeded. The dirt track continues 0.5 mile to the west until it reaches a collection of shacks and trailers (a deer camp).

I walked up to the deer camp and shouted, but no one responded. The camp was being used because a TV was on under a makeshift tent and it looked like a truck dealership's parking lot, but no people. I pondered what to do, then decided to hit the highpoints and get out. The first highpoint was just south of the shacks a few hundred feet. The second highpoint was 0.23 mile (as indicated by my GPS) to the west along a dirt track. The second area was near the bluff line above the Red River flood plain and had a few views through the trees. I returned to my truck and yelled again to see if anyone was there, no reply, so I left the way I came.