Caddo Parish High Point Trip Report

Date: December 2000
Author: Jobe Wymore

On the northern end of Mira, Louisiana on LA 71 look for Mira Myrtis Rd which is gonna be on the West side. Zero the odometer and head west for only 1 mile until you reach Dink Williams Road on your left (south). This is gonna be a dirt road but, easily passable in a passenger car. Head south on this dirt road for about 0.3 miles, passing houses along the way, until you get to a faint dirt road that heads uphill straight in front of you. If you end up in some person's driveway you have definitely gone to far. Get out at this point and start walking uphill on this lesser dirt road for only about 100 feet or so to a "Y" in the road. Take the left branch and walk towards the power lines which are reached in another 250 feet or so. Once you reach them head uphill following them past a huge tower toward higher ground. Highest point appeared to be off in the brush/trees so you're gonna have to stomp around a bit to make sure you get this Louisiana Parish.