Caddo Parish High Point Trip Report

Date: September 16, 2002
Author: Fred Dale

Thanks to Jobe Wymore for the helpful report.

Map explorers will note an alternative route to the vicinity, via the Mira Lookout Tower site. Alas, it is closed and posted. If desired, it is found by continuing west on the Mira-Myrtis Road, 1/2 mi. past Dink Williams to a south-going road, which if taken 1/3 mile has the left (east) dirt access lane for the former fire tower at the hill crest. Presumably, radio-tower service personnel still use it.

Using Jobe's route instructions, let me start where he mentions the "huge tower". Keep following the power line past there. There's a lot of walking yet to do. You'll come to a currently-used dirt road, and there will be the former fire tower concrete footings. Leftward, go on this road generally south and eastward. A distant view will open up on the right. Keep going. The lane is now diminutive but still obviously used at times, continue on. Through the woods to the left you'll spy a nice hayfield/pasture with another tall tower in it. Shortly thereafter you'll pass a camper-trailer on the left that is probably a seasonally-used hunter's camp. A fork is encountered. Go left. Eventually a false summit is reached at an old gate where the thicker woods end and a partial clearing lies beyond. Hug the woods' edge and bear left as you slightly descend through the ruined old gate into the less wooded area. A grown-up track goes that way to the left and immediately you'll see that the ground slopes upward, to the right, into a tangle of young trees, vines, and (non-poisonous) winged sumac, with some prickly pear underfoot. You can do it!

I found the BM, which is indeed at the highest inch of ground up in that stuff. It is labeled "MYRA 1930" (sic: note the spelling). You might be on your hands and knees like I was, but it's clear that this, the USGS BM at 410 feet, is the cohp.

topo chart
My NAD27 GPS coordinates - (32° 55.63' N, 93° 53.92' W)