Jackson Parish High Point Trip Report

Date: May 8, 2001
Author: Bob Martin

Area south of Kellys: From Ruston, drive southeast on LA146 to Kellys. Continue south about 2 miles to a road labeled "Ebenezer Cemetery." Drive this road west about 0.4 mile. Walk south on old vehicle tracks a quarter mile to the hp which is along a pipeline route. This hp also could be reached by walking the pipeline right of way west from the main road.

Area southeast of Clay: From Clay on US167, drive southeast on LA 148. After going about a mile and a half, see a radio tower on the right, the south side of the road. A short walk to the tower area gets you to this hp area.

Area south of Vernon: From Vernon at the junction of LA146 and LA148, drive south on LA148 almost two miles to LA155. Turn right and drive west on LA155 a little over 3 miles to a road leading south. Drive south three-quarters of a mile to a T. Turn left and drive east and south almost a half mile. This puts you roughly a quarter mile north of the hp area. I continued on this road hoping to find someone to ask permission. All I found was an unoccupied house and a kennel of barking dogs. West of the road appears to be a tree farm. Hopefully, you can find a better route than I did through the vegetation south to the hp area. A GPS would be helpful. It's possible that a vehicle track beyond the dogs would be a better route.