Jefferson Davis Parish Highpoint Trip Report

five areas (55+ ft)

Date: April 2, 2004
Authors: Bob and Dotty Martin

There is one huge area and 4 smaller ones in the flat country west of Eunice. Go to the junction of US190 and LA 26. One area is along LA26 a quarter mile south of this junction. Another is east along the boundary between fields. Two others are farther east, south along a road that can be accessed off US190 by going south a half mile east of the junction. None of these have a significant rise. The two eastern areas appear to be lower than the other two.

For the largest area, drive north from the junction on LA26 over the RR tracks to the first road on the right, Kennedy Road. Drive east a half mile to reach the boundary of the large area, which is mostly a cultivated field. You can continue east another half mile to a road leading north to the county line, which also brings you through the big contour. It's hard to find anything in the big contour that is higher than the northern edge of Kennedy Road. The RR, south of Kennedy Road, is higher but that is on an artificial build up.