Natchitoches Parish High Point Trip Report

Date: June 2001
Author: Bob Martin

One area is near former Big Hill lookout tower. There may be roads leading to this area from the south or east, but I was unable to find them. The road south from LA6, about 2 miles west of Hegewood, is gated at the highway. From here, it is about a 4 mile round trip walk to the hp. The HP is near the lookout foundations. There are many junk buildings in the vicinity. There are roads leading in from elsewhere near the top.

The other area can be accessed via a road leading S from LA6 just W of the county line W of Roboline. At 3.8 miles, turn left and head east to near the hp at about 4.6. While the hp south of the road is very near, be prepared for a big battle with brush and thorns to get there.