Natchitoches Parish High Point Trip Report

one area with Big Hill lookout tower and one small area (430+ ft)

Date: March 10, 2004
Authors: Trapper Robbins and Roxanne Everett

Northeast area (Big Hill lookout tower): The gate was open (Wednesday at 11 AM) so we booked to the top. The road had a little mud/sand but was ok in a passenger car when dry. Find this gated access road 2.5 miles west of Hagewood on Route 6. It is another 2.2 miles from Route 6 to the CoHP area. There are several lefts/rights - the topo is accurate.

Southwest area (1 small area): From the county line, go 1/2 mile east on Route 6. (Note: The road just west of the county line is now gated and doesn't work.)

From Route 6, turn right (south) on Road 640 - set odometer to 0.0. At 1.7 miles, go right (southwest) - do NOT cross the bridge. At 2.3 miles, go left (south) on Red Rock Road (#750). At 3.8 miles, go left through the gate (posted). From here, it is about 0.8 mile to the HP area. (The gate was open but there was activity in the area so we decided to park and walk so we wouldn't get locked in.)

At about 0.8 mile from the gate, CoHP is about 0.1 mile off the road to the right (south). The cohp hill has been recently cut up a bit and there are several small slash roads that lead to the wooded HP, so there is very little thorny bushwhacking.