Saint Mary Parish Highpoint Trip Report

Cote Blanche Island - spot elevation 97 ft and three other areas

Date: December 24, 2004
Author: Scott Surgent

unsuccessful attempt

Located just a few miles from Weeks Island along LA-38, this is a salt dome that has significant rise in an otherwise low-lying bayou parish. Turn south onto Cote Blanche Crossing near the Cote Blanche Mine sign. We got as far as Bayou Carlin, directly across from the island. We called the ferry guy but he would not let us cross. Permission will be needed to get this one and it may not necessarily be granted.

Phone numbers: Cote Blanche Salt Mine Office: 337-923-7514, Ferry: 337-923-6807.

We took an enjoyable side trip to Cypremort State Park while in the area.