West Carroll Parish High Point Trip Report

Date: May 22, 2001
Author: Fred Dale

From La. St. Hwy. 17 in Kilbourne, LA, turn east onto LA Hwy. 585. Go about 3/4 mi., crossing a tiny bridge on the way. Just past the bridge, turn left onto a paved lane of 1/4 mi. in length. "Brian" is the Disabled American Veteran from Arizona who lives in the trailer at the end of the lane. He was kind to allow my parking there as I set off on foot northeastward to the bovine cohp, about 0.6 mi. through the pastures. The bull of the herd was almost unnerving in his posturing to suggest protection of his harem; he really ran at the jingle of car keys though. The hp seemed to be at the meeting of pasture and soybean field. I covered ground to ensure, and even walked up into Arkansas nearby.

An alternative approach eastward from Hwy. 17 on Arkla Rd. at the state line was prohibited by flooding and one or two signs, though Brian said ordinarily it is easily done, and certainly would involve less walking and less bull.

While in this parish you should see the major archaeological site "Poverty Point".

Topo chart

My GPS coordinates -

(33 deg 00.08 min N, 91 deg 17.48 min W)