Barnstable County High Point Trip Report

Pine Hill

Date: April 30, 2000
Author: Denis Hanson

Pine Hill is located on the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR), formerly known as Otis AFB, I think. It is now mostly used for Reserve training. Pine Hill is located in an artillery range. Just beside the high point is the range operations building.

MMR picked the 30th for our visit because it was a weekend when the range wasn't being used for Reserve training. The reservist who accompanied us from range operations to the high point seemed interested in our reason for being there, and helped take pictures at the high point.

Getting to Pine Hill was trivial - the directions given out by the base were correct to the tenth of the mile. The road is paved the entire way and there is parking at range operations. To get to the high point, walk out of the parking lot, turn right and go up the road about 75 yards to the first dirt road on the right. Follow this road up a slight rise to the highpoint, where it appears a tower used to be located. Security must not be too tight on MMR, because there were broken beer bottles on the summit, as if it were an occasional party spot. On a weekend when the range is not in operation, it would certainly be possible to get to the highpoint without permission, but the locals have guns so I wouldn't try it.

MMA seems to be relaxed about visitors as long as they come when the range isn't being used.