Berkshire County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Greylock

Date: June 16, 2007
Author: Dan Schwarting

The roads up Greylock are closed temporarily for maintenance (March 2007 until 2009, according to the signs). I was planning on hiking anyway but this also means that there are no snacks or (more importantly) water available at the top. Plan accordingly - it's a tough hike if it's hot out. Of course, this means that it's not going to be a drive-up CoHP for another year or two.

I decided to climb Greylock via the Thunderbolt ski trail, as the 2002 report by Jeff Runder had recommended. It's a steep walk up, about 2 miles. Being that it's a ski trail, the trees are cut back quite a bit, resulting in a very hot, sunny hike. I used the Gould Trail on the descent, making for a less steep and more shady hike. This requires a 1-1.5 mile walk along Gould and Thiel Roads to return to the Thunderbolt trailhead parking but it was still a beautiful hike up as well as down.