Bristol County High Point Trip Report

3 areas (all 395+ ft)

Date: April 1, 2001
Author: Dave Covill

We drove I-495 NW-bound, going past the major I-95 exit to the next one, and taking Route 1 South towards Providence. We took the first left, 152 I believe, and drove down to what seemed to be Elmwood. This turned out to be a road that went straight W back to Route 1, and Elmwood jogged off of it, un- marked. I recommend following Mike Schwartz's directions, and staying on 1 all the way down to where it intersects 1A (~2-3 miles), coming in from the right (NW). Elmwood is the street at the light that is a straight left, to the E. The turn for the WWI Memorial Park is at a saddle at 0.8 miles from Route 1, and is marked, albeit inconspicuously upon approach at speed. It is a cute little park, lots of tall hardwood trees, with a network of several one-way paved roads looping about. You arrive at the highest spot, and there is an obvious parking area, by a tower, fenced off, about a 1/4 mile from Elmwood.

The outcrop right by this is probably the mysterious 4th contour, not being big enough to be on the map. The next one N is ~3-4' higher by my hand level. It is also 5-6' higher than the one across the road to the W, with a picnic bench on it, and is at least 7-8' higher than the broad flat one to the E, with only trees on it. No cairn or register, as it probably gets visited by people daily. Lots of families with their kids eating lunch, or playing on the playground equipment. Really a nice spot for a cohp, in a world where they seem to always be private, remote, or difficult.