Bristol County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 28, 2005
Author: Estus Hibbard

I couldn't really draw a real conclusion as to which of the two HP's in question (the fire tower or the parking lot boulder) is the highest. I had my GPS along with me and I still couldn't tell. My hunch told me it was the one beside the fire tower, although the one at the parking area had a wonderful view to the southeast.

At that location there was a flag pole with a bronze marker: "Sunrise Hill Ski Area", although it looked like it wasn't used for that purpose anymore. There were a lot of kids playing in the immediate area too, with the playground equipment around. The fire tower's gate was locked, so I couldn't go up it and I too saw the 470-foot elevation sign on it but I too believe that it was the elevation from the top of the tower.