Dukes County High Point Trip Report

unnamed point 1000 ft northwest of Peaked Hill (311 ft) on Martha's Vineyard

Date: May 14, 2003
Authors: Trapper Robbins & Roxanne Everett

Mike Schwartz's report is correct. Just a few additions:

(1) The map on the board seemed accurate to us and there are both Yellow and White trails (as well as Red and Blue).

(2) We did the "outer" loop (~1 mile). As Mike mentions, there is another trailhead. In fact, this 2nd trailhead is at the top of the Peaked Hill (302 ft) summit shown on the USGS map! This point has more great views and is well worth visiting.

(3) Tick check recommended.

Other random notes:

(1) After the COHP visit, we went over to the Mnemsha Hills Land Trust on North Road and hiked some nice loop trails to the top of Prospect Hill (308 feet); more good views. (Note that there are several other points beside these 3 that are needed to complete the Martha's Vineyard 300 Footer Club.)

(2) We found a mid-week pre-season car rental for $42 for the day (pre-arranged via Budget web site).