Essex County Highpoint Trip Report

Holt Hill (420 ft)

Date: July 26, 2008
Author: Chris Gilsdorf

Being in Boston and needing an escape from the insanity of organic chemistry, I decided to hop on the commuter rail ($6.25 each way from North Station) and bag this pretty easy highpoint. After disembarking in Andover, I walked through town, cut across the campus of Phillips Academy, and continued on Salem and Prospect Roads to the obvious parking area. Having a few hours to fool around (Saturdays, there's a four-hour gap between trains) I took the trail up to the top, a leisurely and scenic 15-minute walk and reached the summit after a total of 55 minutes' walking from the train station. I wandered around, quickly finding the solstice stones, water tanks, and lookout tower. The obvious high ground was next to the water tower, but may have been man-made; if so, highest natural ground was between the stones and the fenced-in tower, which I quickly climbed. Nice view of Boston's skyline from the stones and a nice breeze on the summit.

I stayed on top about 2 hours, during which I realized I'd stupidly lost my return commuter rail pass. Drat.