Franklin County Highpoint Trip Report

Crum Hill

Date: July 26, 2008
Author: Scott Cockrell

A couple of notes -- I drove into Florida from the east -- Florida is larger than I expected -- there is a highway department building labeled "Town of Florida" that looks a little like a fire house but is not. The actual fire house is several miles west. shows Tilda Hill Road crossing the main highway -- but there was a street sign reading "Oleson Rd" on the north side of the highway beside the fire house. That is Tilda Hill Road -- one of the houses even reads "58 Tilda Hill Road" on the mailbox. There is a Tilda Hill Road sign on the south side of the highway. Bliss Road and the trail opposite were just as described.

I found the same forest of red surveyor flags as previously reported. This HP is probably easier when the leaves are down -- I found the cairn at the first high point almost by accident, since it is so obscured by leaves. The base of the cairn is on a rock several feet above most of the surrounding area and the top of the cairn is well overhead -- but you have to be really close to see it. You do not need to go out into the field around the wind tower, which is fortunate, since it is choked with pricker bushes.

The second HP is clearly in the woodsy area beyond the second wind tower. I tromped around quite a bit on both sides of the trail and was clearly well above the base of the tower but couldn't find the register -- again, this would probably be easier when the leaves are down. This wind tower is also surrounded by pricker bushes.

Hike statistic: About 1 1/2 hours total time. A lot of time spent looking for the register at the second HP.