Franklin County Highpoint Trip Report

Crum Hill (2,841 ft)

Date: July 17, 2004
Author: Brennan Connelly

Another COHP in the rain. This is getting to be a theme for me.

I approached by the route described by the previous posters via Tilda Hill Road to Bliss Road. The trailhead is directly across Tilda Hill Road and there is ample parking for several vehicles here. The trail is decently well blazed and is easy to follow thanks to ATV's having torn up the entire route. Be aware that the beginning of the trail is on posted private property, so please stay on the trail as directed so we do not lose access to Crum Hill.

Follow the main trail for 0.26 mile and stay right at the junction on the main trail. Upon reaching the summit ridge you will see a wind measurement tower on the left. The large cairn for "1800' south of Crum Hill" is located at the northern fringe of this large clearing. It is best to approach this point by bushwhacking from the trail approximately 150 feet. The field itself has been recently cleared and is rampant with stumps, deadfall, and poison ivy (trust me on this one).

The second point, the "true" summit of Crum Hill is reached by continuing about 0.4 mile down the trail keeping straight at a trail junction towards Whitcomb Summit (I believe you can also reach the summit by taking a trail from the roadside tourist trap eyesore on Whitcomb Summit on MA2). Another clearing with wind measurement equipment will be reached shortly. I found it easiest to strike out at roughly a bearing of 330 from the north end of the clearing and bushwhack several hundred feet north to the register.

According to my GPS, the northern point is higher than the spot elevation 1800 feet to the south. I got 2844 feet for the northern point and 2835 feet for the southern knob.

Pertinent GPS coordinates are as follows (NAD27 datum) -

trailhead:         (42° 43.076' N, 73° 1.891' W)
North Summit: (42° 42.674' N, 73° 1.191' W); elevation 2,844 ft
South Summit: (42° 42.913' N, 73° 1.400' W); elevation 2,835 ft

Trip statistics: 1.6 miles with bushwhacking, and approximately 550 feet of total elevation gain.