Hampden County Highpoint Trip Report

one spot on Round Top Hill (1,794 ft)

Date: August 23, 2004
Author: Dave Covill

We approached from the westand if you can get to the junction of Routes 8 and 20 near Sherwood Forest, proceed east for 2.8 miles on 20 to Blandford Road as described elsewhere. There is major construction still going on and we passed by it to the turns described elsewhere. We parked at the crest of the dirt road, which is reachable by a passenger car with no problem. The "marked trail" is really a "way through the woods" which happens to be blazed. It is steep and the footing is poor in spots. As noted, it is tough to spot at first but if you get out of the car at the crest and look up to the left, you will see the white blazes on trees. The path gets better near the top, and we celebrated Dave's 14th cohp in MA. Not much up there.