Hampden County Highpoint Trip Report

Round Top Hill

Date: November 19, 2006
Author: Brennan Connelly

I came in from the east instead of the west as had previous visitors. A couple of miles before Chester on US 20, Round Top Road is well marked and leads directly to the trailhead. There is a company called Wheeler Oil at the intersection on the southwest corner. There were several signs indicating that Round Top Road was closed from 11/1 - 4/15 but I saw no indication that it was, as there were several vehicles on the road.

The white blazes are very easy to spot from the road crest and led directly to the top. The blazes are also visible on the south side of the road. I believe that this is a trail that begins over at the Chester State Forest HQ over on 20. That notwithstanding, the trail leads to the top in about 15 minutes and the blazes are almost impossible to miss. There is a register at the top in a red can dating from 2004, with the first entry being Richard Carey. The BM and reference marks were visible on the summit.