Hampden County Highpoint Trip Report

one spot on Round Top Hill (1,794 ft)

Date: November 25, 2006
Author: Chris Gilsdorf

Previous reports are accurate. The road still has signs indicating closure during winter months but my dad and I ignored them and parked at the high spot in the road (after a few moments, I spotted a white blaze).

We bushwhacked straight up the steep southeast side of Round Top, passing the white blazed quasi-trail once or twice. We reached the top after about 15 minutes and found the highest rock on the highest grassy bump. We found a BM nearby, as well as a red canister that may have held a register (I regrettably forgot to look). There are nice 270-degree views through the trees on a clear day.

We descended mostly on the white-blazed path, breaking from it to head straight to the car once it was in sight. It's pretty hard to get lost on this one, as long as you have a map. As an aside, though the dirt road continues to Route 20, I'd recommend just returning the way you came; the road's rough and doesn't seem to save any time.

Round trip: 30 minutes.