Hampshire County Highpoint Trip Report

one spot on West Mtn (2,125 ft)

Date: August 23, 2004
Author: Dave Covill

We parked about where the report advised, at the west end of Plainfield Pond. We bushwhacked straight up the hill and it is ugly. Lots of spiders and skeeters. Ferns hide small rocks to twist your ankle on. Contrary to one report, I not only found the two auxiliary markers but they pointed directly to the bench mark. It is in a lower rock, about 7 feet southeast of the highest rock. It said West Mountain and gave a date, not an elevation.

We tried to find a better way down, and proceeded east toward the saddle and the Allis Cemetery. Poor choice. We failed to locate it, walked northeast from that general vicinity, and encountered an unusual path about halfway back down to the road which contoured precisely at about the 1,850' elevation back around to the north side where we had started. We used it to get closer to where we had entered the woods then dropped off of it and came out at the east end of Plainfield Pond. Don't come here unless you feel an overwhelming need to finish the 14 MA cohps.