Middlesex County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 25, 2002
Author: Ken Jones

I used Mike Schwartz' trip report here. The only points I'd make are:

Where Mike says "...and you continue straight ahead, following the sign and yellow blazes to Wapack Trail 0.6.", I was briefly confused, because I couldn't find the yellow blazes. At that point the Midstate Trail, blazed blue, turns left off the trail/forest road you've been hiking. Continue on the trail/forest road for about 100 - 150 unblazed yards of nearly level going and you'll meet the yellow-blazed Wapack Trail (where you need to turn right). Where the Midstate Trail turns left, the sign actually reads Wapack Trail .06 which is roughly 100 yards, so it's accurate.

I agree that the old rock wall, occasionally surmounted by a strand of barbed wire, likely marks the county line. My GPS readings confirm that this is likely. If so, the highest point in Middlesex county appeared to be at a large tree in the middle of the wall a short distance left of the unmarked trail. You might also want to walk around a bit in this area to be certain.